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What’ ‘s the Real Price?

U-verse packages might be listed at one-year publicity prices, and though those pricing are lower than regular results, they’ re still sexy high. For example , the U-family package starts at 50 dollars per month, which is not very recreational and only lasts a year. Generally the U-family regular rate may even higher ($93 each month), but by the time which usually price kicks in, choosing out of the one-year contract, the program wouldn’ t make sense to shell out the regular rate. In other words, probably just cancel your firm or enter another written agreement to continue getting the promotional rates.

The prevailing concern that for the high promotional prices and even higher regular time: AT& T wants to present you a “ bundle. ” You can get U-verse standalone TELEVISION SYSTEM service, but AT& G pushes you to bundle the software with Internet and/or phone service provider. If you do add Internet and / or phone service (or both), you’ ll pay a lower selling price for TV service, scientifically. If you see AT& Testosterone levels advertising lower prices than what’ s listed here, it’ ring because you’ re reading the bundle price instead of the standalone price.

Extra Fees

There’ s a one-time initial fee of $49 in every U-verse TV package. Contained in the many conversations we had alongside AT& T representatives (while posing as customers), every single single agent offered to waive about that fee for us. We’ def be willing to bet employ the service of talk your way out of the premium as well, regardless of what level of facility you’ re pursuing.

If you want to unite multiple TVs, you most all need to pay for a receiver ($9 a month), and you’ ll need one almost every additional TV— the same at most TV services.

As for many other fees, U-verse is a little odd. There’ s no recurring DVR fee, which is awesome (the DVR isn’ t), but it could just be another reason tackle prices are so high. We both also find it odd this there’ s a separate VIDEO CLIPS fee ($10 a month) and HD sports bill ($7 a month), so , you’ re looking at an alternative $17 a month to get sport shows in high definition.